The Business Process Offshore Outsourcing (BPOO) and Information Technology (IT) services are viewed as a growing business around the world.  This often related to the process of sub-contracting business functions to an another own entity or contracting a foreign organisation to do the work.

Over the years, business and IT outsourcing has brought significant changes in the field of business development and IT linked services. According to statistics of (2010), the outsourcing giant, IT institutions have been contributing the largest fraction of investment in this field. Article Seen (2010) states it has found that the offshore software business solutions are up to 40 percent more cost effective than in-house development solutions. The aim of Offshore Outsourcing is primarily to build cost effective solutions and to find a knowledgeable workforce elsewhere. This offers benefits to both the business and service industry and customers alike.

To get the advantages, outsourcing organisations should first carefully consider the business requirements, staff and other resources need for the tasks. This should follow a thorough analysis on those requirements to make productive and sustainable decisions. For many organisations offshoring may be the best profitable business and for few small and medium organisations and government organisations, this concept may be a challenging one.

However, as long as fulfilling organisational business needs, outsourcing on-shore or off-shore is a commonly accepted practice in the world economies. It has become a trend nowadays for companies to use off-shore outsourcing competencies and benefit themselves by easing  operational  efforts. Many major companies in the world are successfully using offshoring techniques to increase productivity, lower costs and to gain advantages over competition. This challenging opportunity is now open for any entrepreneur who is seeking avenues to succeed. The facts evident that the success surely depends on what you do and how you do it.

This Blog invites the investors and interested parties to contribute the knowledge in order to find the trends and key determinants of successful offshore business operations. Additionally, it is seeking to share knowledge and experience of solving problems related to making an outstanding dream business for anyone who is willing to thrive.