There is a surge nowadays on number of companies are integrating offshoring into outsourcing strategies. From the fundamental business perspective, it is a wise decision to use resources if there are better trained or less-expensive resources are available elsewhere.

Meanwhile, the experience of many of the international firms that are successful in offshoring have shared the happy experience of success according to the publication: Happy About Outsourcing, by Mitcell Levy.

Bahar Gidvani, CFA, Chief Executive Officer, Index Stock Imaginary Inc. says, outsourcing their bulk image-scanning to Malaysia and India saved the company thousands of dollars. Also, it received the company two strategic benefits such as in-house staff now spend less time responding to specialise customer needs and bulk scans of images are now quick and efficient. Further, the decision to offshore made the staff members to improve the quality of life while the company improved its competitive advantage.

Gerald F. Corbett, Vice President, Hithachi America Ltd, explains in summary, outsourcing call centre activities brought Hithachi many benefits. He further adds, “now the company can focus on core business competencies of designing and building products. We offered the jobs of routine customer support service to an expert who can deal with it daily basis”.

Ellen Blakwell, Principal, Bay Area Outsource Solutions, claims, outsourcing has created various of opportunities for new entrepreneurs. “For me, in my experience, it created an opportunity to set-up my own business. Ultimately, I think it will create more opportunities for more US employees but the skills may be different than those which have been in demand previously”.

Marcia Robinson, President, E-Business Strategies, announces, outsourcing is a critical element of corporate strategy.”Many are talking about it, but few are seriously incorporating outsourcing in to their businesses. Since, internet based tools and technologies are creating second generation of business process outsourcing management models we are being to see more collaboration and integration between outsourcer and external parties. Apparently, an outsourcing project can be strenuous when you are in the transition period but however, once you complete it, you will see that it is all very much worth the effort”.

John Younger, CEO, Accolo, Inc. outlines, “outsourcing of the recruitment allows companies to leave the non-competitive advantaged work to others. With recruiting process, keeping candidates sourcing , screening and pre-interviewing in-house is expensive, time consuming and offers mixed results. However, I have seen most of the companies already outsource highly specialised areas such as legal support, tax preparation and payroll administration that need tremendous investment in staff and infrastructure”.

Jing Liu, CEO, EnterSuite, states, “We have an offshore development centre where we outsource most of our software projects and non-customer facing activities. We see that on average we are able to deliver projects at a much faster rate and save at least 30% cost to out clients. Outsourcing has brought justifiable ROI to our customers and enabled our company to respond quickly to increasing market demand”.

In view of the above experience from many CEOs around the world, it is evident that outsourcing brings fortunes to entrepreneurs world wide. It is just the challenges are understood clearly and addressed them accurately makes the magical difference.