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The Business Process Offshore Outsourcing (BPOO) and Information Technology (IT) services are viewed as a growing business around the world.  This often related to the process of sub-contracting business functions to an another own entity or contracting a foreign organisation to do the work. Over the years, business and IT outsourcing has brought significant changes in the field of business […]

The launch

In terms of outsourcing, there are always number of questions that a business manager would ask himself:  Why should I outsource?, Is it just because of the benefits?, Where knowledge and research are available?, Can innovation be promoted even the teams are far away?, What are the success stories? Generally,  there are few factors to be considered before deciding to outsource […]


Issues and challenges are common to business from planning to end. Contractual challenges, demand and supply, business process issues are the most common. Contractual challenge In this scenario supplier management contract is the key to the success of any outsourcing deals. Rao (2009) points out the contracts are usually written by the central contract team and […]

Oversee your craft

It is a general understanding that customer and vendor engagement is the key factor in order to deliver a successful product or service in offshore-outsourcing process. This includes recognising common goals, knowledge and skills of teams, cultural differences and being reliable to each other. Willcocks, Cullen and Craig (The Outsourcing Enterprise, 2011) states that when managing an off-shore business as […]


During the last decade or so the feedback provided by major companies that outsource business processes and IT services have improved according to the latest statistics. Dibbern et al (2009) explains those companies profit by cutting huge costs in difficult times and reveals it is a part of globalisation and thinking ahead is necessary as modern organisations focusing for success. Evidence […]

Public sector outsourcing

During last several years it can be seen that different form of cross sectional public-private partnerships emerged and gained popularity on outsourcing of public services to private vendors. However, many critics say this new phenomenon brings advantages and beyond that faces multiple issues on the run. Nonetheless, public and private sector managers should be aware of ethics and values of each sector. […]

The hunt

With a highly skilled workforce and a cost-competitive business environment, Sri Lanka is a favorable destination for IT and business process outsourcing (BPO) and knowledge services outsourcing (KPO) according to ATKearney (Competitive Bench-marking: Sri Lanka Knowledge Services). A significant knowledge services industry has been developing in Sri Lanka for the last three decades. Today, there are over 300 […]


Banks traditionally have been major enthusiast of IT related services outsourcing. However, recently, banks are increasingly considering outsourcing if the function is not mission critical. Meanwhile, the development of outsourcing in the banking industry has recently received the attention of the industry regulators in a number of countries. This step has led to the publication of policies and guidelines that […]


Outsourcing of services has now been around for over three decades. This can benefit an organisation immensely either small, medium or larger respectively. Hence, outsourcing is the well-planned use of a specialised external resource to perform tasks that can be done in-house, imaginably a more appropriate term for this would be “smartsourcing”. Smartsourcing or rightsourcing is about knowing what to […]

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